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Six Areas of Learning

Practical Life

The PL exercises include the Grace and Courtesy practices and help the child learn how to do the everyday living activities in a purposeful way. These activities help the child with coordination, growth and development of the intellect and concentration, develop an orderly way of thinking, and help the child learn to be a fully functioning member of society.


The study of the natural world using our 5 senses. Developing the 5 senses as tools to explore and learn ever greater levels of mastery over their environment. This is achieved by assisting the child in clarifying and classifying the world around them.

Language Arts (acquisition and development)

Cultivating the ability to communicate one’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences with powerful precision, compassion, & successful influence using a system of symbols with an agreed upon meaning that is used by a group of people.

Mathematical Preparation

Introducing the child practically to the abstract system of math that is used to navigate our world. Math includes the recognition of patterns in the natural world and to measure and take stock of the world that we live in. Our work is to inspire and prepare each child to have a cultivated curiosity for mastering their environment.

Science, Culture, Creative Expression

Science is the path toward systematizing the world around us so that we can both be a part of it and use it wisely for ours and humanity’s benefit. The goal is to take that understanding and use it to teach the child that they can positively influence the culture of the society that they live in instead of simply being subject to it. Teaching and encouraging creative expression is what leads your child to outwardly expressing whatever mission they have inside of themselves.

Motor Skills and Body Mastery

The human body is something worth taking the time to understand more fully and then explore its limits. It is only upon finding those limits, that they can be surpassed. Whether it’s naming parts of the body, doing obstacle courses and yoga classes or mastering certain physical milestones, Helping Hands Montessori is committed to the art of body mastery.

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