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Considering starting your “baby” in school for the first time leaves you full of emotions. Deciding which school to start them in is a whole other thing. I can tell you this school is a gem. The Director and lead Guide, Ms.Talitha, and the other teachers- Ms. Janie and Ms. Cassandra, have been so supportive, understanding and welcoming throughout this process. They follow Maria Montessori’s philosophies; the classroom is prepared and intentional. The community of parents is like-minded. We can’t wait to watch our little one grow under their respectful care. There is no doubt in our mind that we made the right decision.

Dawn B.

Austin TX

Talitha came to our home and provided us with detailed and organized ways of implementing the Montessori principles into our home. With her advice, our daughters’ (and our) space has transformed.

Maria Morshed

We couldn’t have had better teachers for Asia OR for ourselves as parents of a 1-3 year old…there are no great schools/learning centers for 1-3 year olds and HH Montessori truly fills that void in an astounding way.  For the value of care our daughter is receiving a level of foundational life skills, confidence, sense of self and leadership that would be akin to private schools and an MBA without the Harvard price tag. Finally, the sense of community and connection between the kids, teachers and parents have become a joyous part of our lives.

Tarek Morshed

Austin, TX

Helping Hands Montessori School is such a gem, and my only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner for our daughter! She loves school and wants to go even on the weekends! The founder, Talitha Green, and the teachers TRULY care about each student and their progress inside and outside of the classroom. This is also true for the dedication and commitment they show to the parents. They want us to succeed in teaching, nurturing, and learning from our little ones. They are always willing to listen to concerns, field questions, and assist in any way possible. Plus, they actually know what they are talking about! I would not hesitate to recommend Helping Hands to anyone. The community is so nice, welcoming, and positive, and we are going to miss it!

Shawna E.
Austin, TX

Awesome. We looked at a dozen Montessori schools in the Austin Area. This was, by far, our favorite. The staff is incredible. Our son is flourishing in the incredible environment they have created. The owners and staff give each and every parent their special attention. The community of parents is warm and kind. The entire experience has been far beyond our expectations. Although it wasn’t a factor that we were considering, the rates are far below other Montessori schools.

Ron Browning

Austin, TX

Helping Hands Montessori is like a second home for us. The teachers there know my son so well and have always been one step ahead of his progress and transitions. Talitha is an expert in Montessori school methods, a yoga teacher and a wonderful human being. She is always available for questions and concerns and goes out of her way to help her students and families. I could not imagine sending my son anywhere else in Austin for his first couple years of education and growth.

Tina Rataj

Austin, TX

After a terrible, extremely short-lived experience at another Montessori, nature-based preschool in South Austin, we found our way to HHMS. As first time parents new to the schooling odyssey, I am certain we won the early-preschool-experience-lottery. One word: Talitha. She is the most present, most grounded educator in addition to being a parent-actively-in-the-weeds-with-a-toddler as well. I simply cannot imagine what our journey with our son would have looked like without her guidance and support… not to mention the incredible, sweet, cozy community she fosters at Helping Hands. The ways in which she is able to show up and be present to the development of every child and by proxy, every family, has been astounding to experience and witness. We have taken advantage of her in-home consulting services to help address various toddler phases, which I would recommend to anyone grappling with parental (in)sanity. More than anything, Talitha is so real. So authentic. And her sense of integrity is evident in everything she does. I cannot give HHMS enough stars as I feel it is something of a miracle that it exists… though obviously that miracle is a Montessori rockstar named Talitha Green. 

Kelly Carroll

Austin TX

When my son was reaching close to the age of 18 months I was pondering on which direction to take. I knew in my heart that I wanted to give him the absolute BEST start at life and a solid foundation in education in the most loving, nurturing, and trusting environment possible. I am over the moon about our decision to enroll my son into HHMS over the past two years for countless reasons. The realness, enthusiasm, and love we receive daily upon drop-off is only a sliver of what makes this school magical. I can relax knowing that my son is in the best of hands, following his own readiness, and that we are all supported in ways unimaginable. This small south Austin based Montessori gem holds a place in my heart for eternity and I can not recommend it enough. I am heart broken that we can’t stay at this school forever, however the foundation is in place and the support and resources including Talitha Green’s workshop and in-home services will be utilized for years to come. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of such a special community where we all thrive and support one another. It was said perfectly by a parent in one of Talitha’s workshops, “Channel your inner Talitha!” And that pretty much sums it up.

Brooke Patton
Kyle, TX

We couldn’t be more pleased with Helping Hands Montessori. I continue to be impressed with Talitha’s (owner) knowledge of child development, and the level of care my daughter receives. Time and again, Talitha has shown that she truly has the child’s best interest at heart. Her staff is amazing and my daughter adores them all. It’s a very sweet, caring school.

Marissa Archuleta
Austin, TX

If you are looking for a safe and nurturing environment where your little one can spread her/his wings, Helping Hands Montessori School (HHMS) might just be the right place for your family.
We noticed a shift in our daughter’s behavior from the very first day she came back from school. That afternoon I saw her setting her place at the table, working on putting her shoes on, singing songs, and just talking about school all day. She has now developed meaningful friendships, and has become much more engaged in learning/speaking/reading/helping out around the house with a sense of autonomy and pride in her work. Miss Talitha (the owner), and the teachers at HHMS are deeply committed to the children’s development as individuals, and as members of a social family. It’s palpable how committed HHMS is at truly seeing, honoring, and guiding each one of their students.
Apart from being a sweet learning environment for my daughter, HHMS has been a huge source of information, support, and community for our parenting journey as well.
I have nothing but gratitude and praise towards HHMS.


Yazine Costopoulos
Austin, TX / Netherlands

Helping Hands Montessori School gave our son the perfect environment to thrive in as a toddler.  He learned grace, courtesy, and love for himself and others in a compassionate and uplifting setting.  We are so fortunate to have found such a special place for our little one.

Zeina El-Azzi

Santa Barbara, CA

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