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Teacher and Pupil

Parent Coaching

Consultations, whether by phone, video-conference or in-person, are available to any parent that desires coaching to assist with gaining insight into their child’s developmental process and with improving strategic approaches to specific or to be identified areas of concern.

Parenting Workshops


Ms. Talitha has been teaching parents how set up each room in their home in a Montessori inspired way for more than a decade. She has countless happy families who experience a more calm & peaceful environment and self-reliant kiddos after they work with Ms. Talitha. She teaches workshops at schools and in group settings at someone’s home (travel fees my apply).

Love and Limits

This workshop helps parents identify the 4 main reasons for children’s mis-behavior. Talitha takes a positive approach to understanding the why’s and how’s and offers suggestions to remedy the struggles so many parents face with their children. This workshop is offered to large groups at schools or small groups at someone’s house (travel fees may apply).

Custom workshop based on your specific needs

Talitha has over 20 years experience working with schools and families and is ready to customize a workshop based on the particular needs of the family or small group.  Consultation and travel fee required.

“I’ve attended your workshops in the past. I always felt it provided a great forum for parents to ask questions and get ideas for instituting Montessori principles at home. ” – Laura Beale, daughter 2 1/2 Austin, TX

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