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10 Things to Say Instead of, "Good Job."

Believe it or not, saying "good job," doesn't relay its often-intended encouragement--especially when it's offered so frequently and can be overly used. Instead, "good job," can attach with it a sense that parents are judging actions as either good or bad. In the Montessori classroom, we are all about empowering children to feel the impact of their own efforts. For example, if a child helps with a chore, rather than, "good job," consider, "thank you, that was very helpful!"

Here are 10 things to say instead!

Here are 10 things that you can say, instead of, "no!"

  1. Well done

  2. Congratulations

  3. You did it

  4. Wow

  5. I can tell you are so proud of yourself

  6. Nailed it

  7. I see you did that

  8. High five

  9. Nice accomplishment

  10. Thank you

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