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Our last day of school will now be June 2nd!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Newsletter Notes:

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for you patience and flexibility throughout this uncertain year. We have had to close our doors for only three days, and we believe that much of that comes from your willingness to follow the protocols that are put in place to protect all of us. We wanted to take this time to announce that we will extend our school year. Our previous last day of school was May 26th, we will now return after Memorial Day to finish out that week on June 2nd. These are make-up days and you will not be recharged for them.

March is already looking to be another uncertain month with all of the international happenings, as well as the constant changes locally and nationally with Covid. However, we are looking forward to contiuing to teach, learn alongside, and love your children. We have added new works to the shelves to continue expanding their beautiful minds. Within this newlsetter you will find the calendar includes Spring Break, three birthdays, a special workshop from Ms. Talitha, and parent/tea

cher conferences. You will also find lovely pictures, news from Little Learners, tips from Ms. Talitha, and the Kid's Corner. We hope you enjoy this newsletter and that you are all doing well.

While the outside world is ever changing, and sometimes those changes can come into our community, HHMS is a place of peace and kindness for children and teachers alike. I know that for me, as soon as the bell rings as I walk through the gate, I am in another world. One where I find joy, love, and acceptance; where the laughter and voices of children lead the way. It is our hope that the same is felt by all who enter here. We hope you enjoy the month of March.


Ms. Talitha, Ms. Janie, and Ms. Erica

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